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Elrick : I'm back?
Elrick : Parfait, je pense pas pouvoir faire plus moche :p
Elrick : Il est pas mignon mon furet? (plus bas)
Elrick : Mode color test
Elrick : Bon, on y vois déjà plus clair...

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The love of these
--> The love of these
light and streamlined words, love extremely......
I have been shaking, I can't breathe, I can't walk, so I see her in the moon, in the flower room, smiling, dancing, I am crazy, idiot...
"Mountains have wood, wood has branches, and heart is pleased with kings." The love of the lonely girl is speechless, like the beautiful woman standing in the center of the water. A person's love is always sour and sweet, the farthest distance in the world is not life and death, but I stand in front of you, but you do not know that I love you, Prince, do you understand my heart?
"The stone is as jade as a jade. Lang Yan alone, there is no two in the world. " Then what kind of dragon, Zhang Fengzi, Feng Shen Jun Yi Yi? Ji Kang? Xie an? Ruan Ji?
"The mountain is like the lotus flower, the flow is like the moon light". Does Xiao Yi think of the Xu imperial concubine that makes him love and hate? Xu Niang's half old, half face makeup, only because my love has become a bone of hatred. Only two people's loneliness is the pain that can't be said.
"The dream of the sea is long, and the king worries me." A single shirt, apricot red, and a young woman with a double Raven chick, head down to lotus seeds, and lotus seeds are clear like water. When the sun rises and the river is clear, my husband, when will you return?
"The twilight of the river is not moving, and the spring flowers open all over the river. The flow wave will go to the moon, and the tide will bring the stars. " Under the setting sun, the river was flat and tranquil, and the spring flowers were just right. Under the moon, Jiang Tao was surging and the waves were surging. That month, the star seemed to be readily available, and the moon was shining and the water was shining. Who could have thought that this natural poem was from the luxurious Suiti Yang Guangzhi's hand?
"The pearl is still in tears." I saw her heart throbbing, hot love, conflict, like the bridge on the bridge for the husband, children, silent tears in the rain to see a little woman in the rain... Livers
"The stranger blooms, can slowly return to the world." The money of the Vietnamese king is as rich as the spring grass, and the spring breeze is as soft as the wind of spring.
"The world is secure and the law is safe." He chose a more thorough way of betrayal, his shadow, like the light and shadow of the four days of the twilight, was broken and bright! Through his poems, I saw a bright and pure heart of the red. He was the real king of the snow.
"Rouge washs out the shadow of autumn stage, and ice and snow attract dew. Light begins to know that flowers are more colourful, and sorrow is more than jade. When the year goes on, the people are old. It is these words that are not old, such as the bright moon in the mountains, which illuminate the barren, bamboo like flowers and floating fragrance.
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